New Stefon Diggs trade report from the Buffalo Bills is ludicrous

“Bills Dismiss Stefon Diggs Trade Rumors Amidst Logistical Nightmare and Financial Hurdles”

Stefon Diggs, a wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills, has primarily served as a source of distraction during the past few weeks. Since he skipped the first, required minicamp practise. And is now frequently mentioned in rumours, some are starting to question if he wants out.

The Bills might actually trade Diggs.

Benjamin Allbright, a Denver Broncos insider, recently appeared on radio and discussed what he had been taught about the matter.

On Broncos Country Tonight, Allbright mentioned that he had heard a rumour that the Bills may “consider it under the right circumstances.”

Stefon Diggs won’t be traded by the Buffalo Bills, and any such rumour is absolutely untrue.

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If a Broncos insider chooses to reveal this, the NFL offseason must really be in a dead zone. The Bills would lose a stunning $44 million if they traded for Diggs. To be fair to Allbright, he did make reference to that as the main problem.

“The dead cap on him is destructively high, absurdly high,” It’s a logistical nightmare. Buffalo simply doesn’t have the capacity to make that happen, he claimed.

Allbright could have started and concluded this discussion by saying something along the lines of there being. No possible way a trade happens and any rumours regarding a Diggs trade should hold zero weight. If he didn’t want this to become a story (congrats, it did).

However, it was only natural for him to tie it together with the Broncos. “just in case” Denver showed any interest.

I don’t think there’s any good reason for a Denver insider to even entertain this notion. Because the Broncos are one of the deepest wide receiver teams in all of football.

Allbright added, “The Bills’ opinions on this are legitimate. Buffalo bills standings.

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